Sunglasses Guide

Many people mainly use sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful sun rays; however, they also play an essential role when it comes to fashion. The designer sunglasses come in a range of shapes, styles, and colors to select from, hence finding the appropriate pair of frames for you can sometimes be quite difficult.

This article is an ultimate guide on how to pick the perfect sunglasses based on your face shape, skin type, and hair type.


The Perfect Shades for Your Face Shape

Shades are not only a fashion statement - they can repel or attract, be a shield, or a mirror. In case the windows to the heart are the eyes, then perfectly fitted sunglasses deserve the name "shades."
When looking for the perfect sunglasses, first find frames that match your face's shape. Below is an analysis of different face shapes and the suggested sunglasses frames for each.


1. Diamond Face

This shape of the face has high or wide cheekbones with a slim chin and forehead. Oval shades soften the face contours, although gently curved square frames may also work. Ensure the styles are not broader than the upper of the cheekbones.

Recommended frames: Square and Oval


2. Oval Face

If you have an oval shape, you are fortunate. Almost every style of sunglasses works perfectly for this shape—tryout with the modern looks, like shields or wraparounds.

Recommended frames: any shape is perfect

3. Rectangular Face

Do you have a rectangular face? Shorten and widen it with sunglasses styles that do not spread beyond the broadest part of your face. Square or round shapes look great on this face type. Frames with long vertical and short horizontal lines may also fit. Contrasting or decorative temples increase the width of your face.

Recommended frames: square and round

4. Round Face

Circular faces require frames that make it appear thinner and longer. Generally, look for shades frames that are slightly wider or equal to the widest part of your face. Minimize curves and add sharpness with smooth, angular, rectangular, or double-brow styles. Shades with brow bars also raise the eye, causing the face to look longer.

Recommended frames: rectangular styles and sharp wider frames

5. Square Face

This face outline consists of a sturdy jaw, a wide forehead, and broad cheekbones. Cut corners with smooth, curved styles that give your face a defined definition, like cat-eye styles. Classic ovals also fit well for this shape of the face.

Recommended frames: Round, oval, and cat-eye

Shades Matching Your Complexion

Use this guide based on your complexion to help you choose your perfect frames if you can't identify your skin tone.

1. Fair Complexion

Do you have a naturally light skin tone, which is perfect for bright and beautiful sports colors? Select some cool frame designs in bright shades like orange, red, blue, green, yellow, etc. These will make you appear fashionable and, at the same time, attractive to the core of your natural complexion, giving you a good appearance.

Recommended frames: Orange, red, blue, green, yellow and other bright colors

2. Wheatish Complexion

In case you have this complexion, you are fortunate since your eyes may fit with almost any kind of shades. From dark to bright and vibrant shades, you can choose any type of frame. However, a darker shade such as deep blue, black, purple, brown, and dark red works well.

Recommended frames: Deep blue, black, purple, brown, and dark red

3. Peach Complexion

This is another complexion that is great for sunglasses lovers. In case you have this complexion, you can freely use a wide range of sunglasses and show your appearance in each of them. Although pastel-like varieties are best for you. Some great options to consider are gray, beige, chocolate brown, and olive green.
Recommended frames: Gray, beige, chocolate brown, and olive green

4. Dark Complexion

Do you have a dark complexion? It is advisable to stay away from deep, light shadows that don't match your skin tone and may attract too much notice to your face. Opt for lightly shaded frames to bring your features to light and highlight your look. Choose semitransparent brown, black, or gold sunglasses to look good always.

Recommended frames: Brown, black, or gold


Determine the Correct Frames Based on Your Hair

The color and length of your hair can break or make the overall attractiveness of your shades. Subject to your style, you may go for a discreet and elegant look or create an eye-catching statement with contrasting and bold colors.


1. Light Hair

If you choose dark shades for light hair, you get a beautiful color because of the contrast. For example, you can match blonde locks with calm shades by selecting sunglasses with dark brown or dark gray frames. Meanwhile, a light hair hue with warm tones may look fantastic with deep red or dark green frames.

Recommended frames: Deep red, dark green, dark brown, and dark gray


2. Medium Black Hair

You can create sporty frames that are silver, purple, or white if you have amber to brown hair with cool shades. Deeper hair colors, pair wonderfully with green, black, or blue sunglasses.

Recommended frames: Silver, purple, white, green, black, and blue

3. Black Hair

Black hair is more versatile when it comes to choosing the color that best matches your sunglasses. Combining dark strands with pastel or light shades can be disappointing, but vibrant black, bright white, secondary colors, and primary colors will immediately improve your look.

Recommended frames: Black, bright white, secondary colors, and primary colors

4. Soft and Curly Hair

This type of hair is enhanced by rimless frames, delicate shapes, and translucent colors.


5. Very Curly Hair

Select a frame that shadows your hairline. Typical small frames are perfect.

6. Short Hair

Choose geometrical, or rounder frames to look perfect.

7. Very Short Hair

Choose striking designs and colors, and also decorative styles.

8. Long Hair

Try sunglasses with your hair down and up since the style can change the appearance of the frames.


Finally, the right sunglasses can vary in style, shape, and color based on your shape of face, hair type, and complexion. There is never only a pair of shades that suit you! The guide outlined above will assist you in narrowing down options, but the best choice for sunglasses that will make you feel glamorous is yours!