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Frequently Asked Questions

Designer vs Budget

When purchasing sunglasses, you have two options. You can go for a chic look with a designer pair of sunglasses or go for a basic look with budget sunglasses. Listed below are reasons as to why designer sunglasses are better than no name sunglasses.

Quality Comparison

Name brand sunglasses have overall better quality. It is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Yes, name brand sunglasses are going to be more expensive, but they are going to be worth the price, better quality, and more long-lasting. Many budget sunglasses are made out of flimsy plastic that will snap and fall apart.

Name brand sunglasses are going to hold their structure and fit on your face comfortably and securely. Name brand sunglasses are made out of higher end materials when it comes to the frame, lenses, bridge, nose pad, and rim. Name brand sunglasses are the best sunglasses on the market when in search of a quality product.

Customisable Sunglasses

The great thing about name brand sunglasses is that you have the ability to customize them to your liking. With budget sunglasses, you do not get the chance to customize them most of the time. This is so because when paying for designer sunglasses, you are making an investment. The seller wants you to be as pleased as you can be with the brand name sunglasses, so customization is available.

 Sellers are more likely to put more effort and work into sunglasses that their buyers are purchasing for a higher price. When purchasing name brand sunglasses online, you can order the sunglasses with the opportunity to customize them to your liking before placing the order. The fact that name brand sunglasses are customizable put them at a higher ranking than budget sunglasses being that they have to stay in the form they are purchased in.

UV Protection

Name brand sunglasses are going to have present, and or better, uv protection than budget sunglasses. Even if budget sunglasses have UV protection, this protection is not going to be as strong as it would with name brand sunglasses. Budget sunglasses can promise “100%” UV protection, but is this really true? 

If UV protection is of concern to you, choose the name brand sunglasses that promise “100%” UV protection and actually deliver it. Just like the quality of sunglasses, you also get what you pay for when it comes to UV protection. No one wants sun rays to damage their eyes and prevent them from being able to see clearly because of the sun shining on their face. 


For those concerned about the way your sunglasses appear, name brand sunglasses are going to give you a more aesthetically pleasing look. They are made of quality that can be felt and seen. You are conforming with the trends by wearing name brand sunglasses and are going to be seen as stylish and as a person of great taste. 

A pair of name brand sunglasses can go with any outfit that you pick because of their versatility. You can never go wrong with a pair of name brand sunglasses and you will have your friends wanting to purchase a pair for themselves.

Brand Popularity

Who wouldn’t want to walk around with a pair of name brand sunglasses on? You will look and feel great about yourself. Name brand sunglasses can give you a boost of confidence while also doing the job they were meant to do, protecting your eyes from the bright sun. 

Name brand sunglasses are going to be recognised by everyone and you can flaunt them on a daily basis when doing errands or doing something as grand as attending a special event. With name brand sunglasses, everything seems as if it is a win, win situation. Budget sunglasses do not have a fighting chance when name brand sunglasses are brought to the table.